Steel Conduit

Conduit is a tube made of metal like steel or plastic, this material is use to protect electrical wiring from any possible damage and moisture.

The steel conduit provides the installer with the following advantages which gives it the edge above the other materials that can be used:

Protection The steel conduit's material is stronger than that of plastic and it gives a good protection to the wires. The enclosed conductors are protected from any impact, moisture as well as from chemical vapours which can possibly damage the electrical wires.
Easy Rewiring When electrical steel conduit is used new wires can be pulled through the steel without having to take all the wiring down from the walls. The wires are also not damaged that easily when a new wire is put into the steel conduit. In the case of rewiring or circuit changes it will only be necessary to change the conductors, the same steel conduit can be used again.
Heat and water resistant The fact that electrical steel conduit is water as well as heat resistant gives it a huge advantage above other conduit materials. The steel conduit also does not give off any toxic gas or decompose when it comes in contact with fire or heat.
Reusable Electrical steel conduit can be reused over and over again, it does not burn and it gives protection to the wires from tears and scratches, which gives the steel conduit a more competitive life-cycle costs.
Compatibility Steel, bricks, concrete and any other common building materials have almost the same coefficient of expansion, this makes the steel compatible with almost any of these common building materials and can be used in concrete buildings as well.
Earth conductor

A separate ground wire must be used when materials like PVC are used, whereas the low resistance of steel makes it possible to use the steel as the earth conductor.


Electrical steel conduit can either be black enamel or Z275 pre-galvanised. Black enamel steel conduit is to be used in general areas away from damp and moisture, whereas the Z275 electrical steel conduit can be used in places where it will be in contact with damp or moisture. The black enamel electrical steel conduit's surface is cleaned after it is rolled where after it is dipped in black enamel paint, if any damage on the surface occurs while cutting the electrical steel conduit, the damaged area can be repainted. The Z275 is rolled from pre-galvanised material during which the seam is sprayed during the rolling process with zinc coating.