Borehole Casing

Increasing our product range on cold formed welded sections to increase our value proposition toward our customers is key to our overall expansion in the mild steel and tubular markets, not only within South Africa but also abroad.

Though our internal cold forming capability has some limitations Tubecon manufactures mild steel and high strength steel borehole casings up to 165mm outside diameter. These circular hollow sections can be rolled to the length requirements specified by the customer thus reducing offcuts and cost that the end user may have incurred by procuring standard six meter steel tubing. Larger sections are imported from well selected manufacturers of cold formed high frequency welded mild steel tubing as well as API5L tubular sections.

These sections are cold formed mostly from higher strength S355 material; thus making Tubecon the most desirable choice when it comes to, lead time, quality and tolerance.

We have near perfected the forming of steel round square and rectangular tubes at Tubecon.

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Advantages of Borehole Casing Steel tube include:

Advantage Description
Heat Resistance Steel Borehole Casing tubes have a higher heat resistance.
Weldability Our steel Borehole Casing tubes can be welded together with relative ease.
High Strength Steel Casings have a higher strength that can keep the borehole from collapsing or the casing from being bent.
Compressive Strength Steel tubes have a higher compressive strength than your other materials.

Mechanical Properties of Borehole Casing:

Circular Hollow Section Size (mm)
CHS 114
CHS 127
CHS 139
CHS 152
CHS 165
CHS 177
CHS 194
CHS 203
CHS 219
CHS 245
CHS 273
CHS 324
CHS 356
CHS 406