Mild steel in scaffolding

Scaffolding is used in the construction of tall buildings. Mild steel tubing has been used to build scaffolding since it became an industry standard in about 1950 when it completely replaced wooden poles.

Mild steel scaffolding tubes are easy and quick to assemble as they do not require additional material such as bolts and nuts, which not only saves on time but also labour costs. Additional benefits of steel are that it is very strong and durable. Mild steel has elastic properties which also help prevent any cracks should movement occur. Mild steel scaffolding tubes can also support very heavy loads making it ideal for workers to use it to transport heavy and bulky construction equipment and supplies along with tools. Steel Tube is the ideal material to use as the weight of the scaffolding itself requires structural strength that only steel can provide.

By incorporating diagonal steel tubing as bracing, these scaffolding structures are very stable and can be assembled to reach great heights in almost any location

Steel scaffolding is comprised of three basic elements.

Standards: These are the steel tubing that goes through the entire structure and keeps it upright. They also transfer the weight of the scaffolding structure to the ground and distribute the load through square base plates.

Ledgers: These are the steel tubes that connect to the standards in order to keep the structure in place to ensure its stability.

Transoms: These steel horizontal tubes that are placed across and perpendicular to the ledgers in order to give the scaffolding structure more strength and allow support to be to each level of the platform.

The mild steel hot rolled tubes are held together by couplers (right-angle couplers, putlog couplers, and swivel couplers) the floors of the scaffolding structures are normally made out of wooden boards or decking made from cut steel or aluminium.

Tubecon South Africa manufacturers all industry standard tubing used to construct and manufacture scaffolding. Below is a table of our scaffolding tube sizes and dimensions.

Size Available Material
48.4 x .2.65 x 6.10 HOT ROLLED (HIGH TENSILE) - SANS657-1
48.4 x 2.65 x 7.00 HOT ROLLED (HIGH TENSILE) - SANS657-1
48.4 x 3.35 x 6.10 HOT ROLLED (HIGH TENSILE) - SANS657-1
48.4 x 3.35 x 7.00 HOT ROLLED (HIGH TENSILE) - SANS657-1

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