Steel facts

Steel Facts

The list below are a few facts about steel which most people do not know about:

  • At this moment steel is 30% stronger then it was a decade ago.
  • While 40 trees are used for a wood-framed home, only 4 recycled cars are needed to frame a 2 000 square foot home.
  • Steel roofs lasts up to 50 years, while most of the roofs made from other materials only last 17 years.
  • Housing and construction accounts for 50% of the world's steel production.
  • 1.3 Billion tons of steel are produced annually.
  • Since steel frames are used for cars the consumption of fuel decreased because steel decreased the weights of the cars.
  • The strength of steel has increased so much over the years that back in the day 83 000 tons was used for the building of the golden gate bridge and today only half of that will be necessary to build the exact same bridge.
  • Steel does not add to the growth of landfill.
  • The need for building resources in the future is decreased, because steel frame structures have a life-span of up to 100 years.
  • A building with a steel frame can be built higher with less impact on the foundation of the buildings.
  • Steel-framed buildings prevents the indoor air from pollution.

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