Theoretical Calculations of Steel Products

Steel Products

Theoretical Calculations of Steel Products

Sheet Mass:

To calculate weight manually, bring dimensions of the steel sheet to meter, as steel's weight is given as kilogram/square meter.

Thus; Length in meter times width, in meter times wall thickness in meter, multiplied by the weight of steel per square meter.

Refer to the table below

<4.5 Wall Length/1000 Width/1000 Wall Thickness/1000 8039
>4.5 Wall Length/1000 Width/1000 Wall Thickness/1000


For example, a sheet given with dimensions of 3500x2500x4.0's weight would be calculated as follows: (3500/1000) X (2500/1000) X (4/1000) X 8039 = 281.37 kg's.

Inside Diameter:

ID= O.D (Outside Diameter of steel tube) - 2 times the wall thickness.

Mass of a Round Steel Tube:

(OD - Wall Thickness) X Wall Thickness X 0.02466.

For Example a 60.3x4 round tube will be calculated as follows

(60.3-4) X 4 X 0.02466 = 5.55 Kg/meter.

Mass of a Square or Rectangular Steel Tube:

Determine the size of the 'mother' (input tube). As each welded square and rectangular tube are formed from a mother tubes which is round.

Thus take ((side A + side B) X 2)/ 3.142

A 100x60 rectangular steel tube's mother tube, will be determined as follows:

((100 + 60) X 2)/3.142 = 101.8, thus the mother tube will be a 101.6 round tube. (Closes available round steel tube.

Then proceed with the calculation on the on the mass of a round steel tube.

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