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On the Wiki page our visitors would be able to find ample information regarding steel tubing, hollow sections, open profiles, technical aspects and many more.

On the Wiki page you will find information other than the steel tubes and cold formed sections that Tubecon manufactures and supplies in the South African market. Though our experience is extensive in the manufacturing of steel tubes and profiles we have added information to the Wiki page off products that we do not manufacture or supply. If there is any uncertainty on which products Tubecon would be able to roll-form or supply please do not hesitate to contact one of our more than capable sales staff.

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Angle Iron

Angle Iron Cold Formed (equal and unequal leg)

Angle Iron Hot Formed (equal leg)

Angle Iron Hot Formed (unequal leg)


Butt and groove welding symbols

Channels (taper flange, parallel flange)

Chemical composition of common steel

Circular hollow sections


Coatings and Painting

Cold formed channels

Cold formed lipped angles

Cold formed lipped Z's

Cold Formed Steel

Cold Formed Steel vs Hot Formed Steel

Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled VS. Cold Formed and Hot Formed, The misconception

Cold formed top hat section

Cold-formed unequal flange lipped Z's




Dye Penetration for Steel Tubes

Electric Resistance Welding

Effect of chemical elements on the mechanical properties of steel

Facts about steel

Fin Controlled or Internally Scarfed


Flat bars


Greenhouse Steel

Hardness Conversion

Heat Treatment

High strength friction grip bolts and nuts

High Strength Steel

Hot dip galvanized, pre-galvanized and electro-galvanized steel

Hot Formed Steel Sections

Hot rolled steel

Induction hardening

I-sections (Parallel flange)(Universal beams)

I-sections (taper flange) ('rolled steel joists')

Lip Channels

Mechanical properties of common steel

Mild steel in scaffolding


Ordinary bolts and nuts

Open Sections and Profiles

Oxygen Lancing Tube

Prevention of white rust.

Solar Steel

Properties of steel in structural applications

Surface Finish

Properties flat steel bars and sections

Properties hot rolled sheet and plate steel

Rectangular hollow sections

Recyclability of Steel

Scarfing and Welding

Square hollow sections


Steel Grades

Tensile Strength

Terminology used in the Steel Industry

Theoretical Calculations of Steel Products

Tolerances on plates (thickness, width, length)

Tube VS Pipe

Z-qualities and lamellar tearing

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