Steel Profiles Tips and Tricks for Designing

Having our own Engineering department, Tubecon has the ability to guide and assist our customers in the development of their welded steel section or high strength steel open profile.

Tubecon has the ability and experience to form structural and other steel tubes and open profiles from a variety of materials. These include 3CR12 (stainless steel), Domex, Supraform, S355 High tensile steel and many other.

This puts us in a position to assist our customer with their innovative requests. Though it is our policy not to say NO, some aspects are crucial when designing a customized steel section. Customer specific profiles can be divided into two groups:

Closed or Welded Steel Profiles:

These include steel sections such as D-sections, Flat or Elliptical Oval Tubes, Triangle Profiles and Dome Profiles to name some of the more standard steel welded profiles. We are most certainly not limited to only these sections but do have some advice on how to keep your tooling cost (needed to manufacture the steel closed profile) to a minimum. Click the link below to view some tricks regarding this.

Design Tips for Closed or Welded Steel Profiles

Open Profile (Not welded):

These sections include Zed Sections, Steel Top Hats, Sigma Profiles, Omega Sections, U and C-channels and a very wide variety of other cold formable steel profiles.  For the most part one has a bit more freedom in designing steel open profiles then with welded profiles. The main reason for this is that a welded profile is by enlarge limited to its mother tube (see explanation) where non-welded sections are limited by existing tooling, wall thickness and strip width. Click the link below to view some tricks and tips regarding the feasibility of your open profile design.

Design Tips for Open Profile