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The items below are slow moving stock or b-grade material.

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Round Tube
StockCodeDescriptionSizeWall Thickness (mm)Length (m)
HR31816600Hot Rolled Round321.66
HR38135600Hot Rolled Round38.13.56
HR44530600Hot Rolled Round44.536
HR57245600SCARHot Rolled Round57.24.56
HRCQ60320600Hot Rolled Round60.326
HR76240600SCARHot Rolled Round76.246
HR101635630HIHot Rolled Round101.63.56.3
HR127038732Hot Rolled Round1273.87.32
HR127020600Hot Rolled Round12726
HR152440732Hot Rolled Round152.447.32
HR63560600HIGHHigh Tensile Round63.566
HR1143601300HIGHHigh Tensile Round114.3613
HR127035610HIGHHigh Tensile Round1273.56.1
CR31816600Cold Rolled Round31.81.66
CR34920610SCARCold Rolled Round34.926.1
ZR28616610FINGalvanised Round28.61.66.1
CRZ44412610Z450 Round44,41.26.1

Rectangular Tube
StockCodeDescriptionSizeWall Thickness (mm)Length (m)
HL127080045600Hot Rolled Rectangular 38.1 x 25.44.56
HL100080030600Hot Rolled Rectangular 65 x 50.836
HL120080025600Hot Rolled Rectangular 100 x 802.56
HL15001000601200HIHigh Tensile Rectangular100 x 80612
HL100080040600HIGHHigh Tensile Rectangular120 x 8046
CL76225416610Cold Rolled Rectangular60 x 40 1.66.1
CL38125412610Cold Rolled Rectangular76.2 x
ZL65050820900Galvanised Rectangles 127 x 8029
ZL60040020600Galvanised Rectangles 150 x 10026

Square Tube
StockCodeDescriptionSizeWall Thickness (mm)Length (m)
HS63563520600Hot Rolled Square63.526
HS76276230720Hot Rolled Square76.237.2

Please note that our B-grade material is constantly moving and sold in bulk, making it difficult keeping you up to date with the available sizes and quantities. However, we have created a good system to help you as quickly and effectively as possible.SEnd through all the sizes you require and we will let you know if those sizes are available. Alternatively you can make an arrangement to come and have a look in our B-grade warehouse to choose all the sizes you want to take. To accompany the above we will send a list of all the available sizes and quantities through to the subscribers once a month.

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