Plug drawn precision tubes.

Unbeatable tolerance.

When a client requires a steel tube with an accurate outside and inside diameter, a smooth inner surface or the tube may need to fit into another product, Tubecon is more than happy to oblige.

The outer and inner diameter is controlled by a process known as plug drawing. This process allows Tubecon to draw the material very precisely, known as precision drawing. The tube is manipulated according to the sizes and tolerances our clients specify, even if these are much higher than the DIN standards for normal welded tube. Tolerances tighter than 0.01mm are achievable. These products are particularly suitable for the automotive industry but other industries could profit from this process as well.

In the past Tubecon has drawn a variety of precision steel tubes and we do have a lot of experience in this field.

In short: if you need very accurate outside and inside diameters, talk to us, we'll make it!