Coating services

Coating for Comfort

Tubecon can assist our customers with the supply of pre-coated steel sections or tubes and lip channels that have been coated after it is rolled.


Pre-coated steel tubes and lip channels are primarily rolled from pre-galvanized material which can be attained in Z275 and Z450 coatings. Quotes on other coatings, such as Z100 pre-galv can be supplied on enquiry. Not only is Z275 pre galvanized material used for the rolling of lip channels to serve as purlins on steel structures but can also be rolled into round, square and rectangular steel tubes. The corrosion resistant aspects carried by Z275 material makes it a very popular grade of steel to use in coastal areas. The Z275 also prevents the steel from rusting too quickly. High strength coated steel can also be cold formed as tube or open section. The Z275 refers to Zinc and a total of 275 grams of zinc per square meter on both sides.

Z450 material is mainly used in the forming of steel conduit.

Coatings after Rolling:

Various coatings can be applied after the steel sections or lip channels have been rolled. For lip channels red-oxide and grey primer coatings are the most popular. Tubecon's black enamel conduit is rolled from cold rolled steel and then coated with a black etch primer.

Larger and big bore steel tubes that Tubecon stock in round, square and rectangular profiles can be coated after manufacturing with a weld able and bendable black etch primer.