Open Profiles

Various cold formed open profiles can be manufactured by Tubecon. Open sections differ from welded or tubular steel sections as they are not seam welded.

The advantage of open sections is that they can have a weight saving for the customer while potentially serving the same purpose as that of a larger steel hollow section.

Steel open profiles quite often are customer specific. Customers seeking for improvement in their structures are now able to contact Tubecon for assistance in designing an open profile that is suitable for their application.

There are certain obstacles to keep in mind when designing a customized steel profile. These include the bend types and shapes as well as the minimum rolling quantity. Feel free to contact Tubecon if you do require more information on these obstacles.

Customer specific steel profiles such as the following are cold formed and supplied into the South African market by Tubecon:

Top Rail:


Used in the trailer industry these profiles can be rolled from various materials and various sizes. Tubecon have in the past cold formed top rail sections from Domex and Supraform materials as well as S355 mild steel.

Side Rail:


Tubecon cold forms these sections from mild steel and high strength steel. Also used in the trailer industry, Tubecon is able to assist by rolling high strength steel which could potentially decrease the weight of the finished product and increase the payload potential of the trailer.

Cold Rolled Channel:


Open channels can be formed from a variety of materials and in a variety of sizes. From steel open channels for shutter doors and guide channels for dry walls to thick walled open sections for construction and trailer manufacturing can be accommodated.

Top Hats:


Top Hat steel profiles are used throughout a variety of industries in South Africa. These industries include poultry and construction. The lips facing toward the outside of the profile ensures that the profile is easier to weld to a flat or bent steel sheet. 

Lintel Mould Profiles:


Tubecon cold forms steel open channels and can be used as lintel moulds. These steel profiles can be rolled to the lintel manufacturer's design which will ensure that our customer is able to mould the concrete lintel to perfection. 

Cold Formed Angle Irons:


Equal and unequal angle irons can be accommodated. Though this process can seem expensive compared to hot formed angle iron, Tubecon is able to supply these steel profiles cut-to-size and according to customized specifications. The customer can decide on a design and which flange sizes will suite this design. Tubecon is then able to roll form to suit the flange and wall requirements. 

Lip Channels:


Tubecon has the capacity to roll form both standard and non standard lip channels. Custom lip channels used in fencing and shelving can be rolled according to our customer's specification. These sections should have a dry run which means less labour cost of the end consumer.

Z - Section:

Z-sections, also known as a z-purlin, is a substitute to lipped channels, lipped az_profile.pngngles and purlins which are commonly used in the international steel construction market. Tubecon is able to manufacture these roof purlins in different sizes according to our customer's specifications and supply it to the South African market.