Conveyor Roller Tubes

Rolling Quality Tube for Rollers

A significant portion of Tubecon's products end up in the mining and industrial sectors. One of the prominent products that does so is the conveyor roller tubes which is cold-formed and manufactured according to SANS657-3 specification.

Conveyor roller tubes are used for transporting or handling heavy bulk material over a longer distance. Our mills consistently manage to exceed the demands required by the SANS657-3, in particular our conveyor idler  tube is known for its superior tolerances on ovality. On this merit, combined with the delivery service we provide, we have become one of the largest conveyor and steel tubes suppliers in Southern Africa.

Tubecon keeps stock of all popular conveyor tube dimensions, but can also roll-form to special lengths. We have recently manufactured 3CR12 stainless steel conveyor tubes successfully. The manufacturing of 3CR12 products, including conveyor tubes, is the latest addition to our material offering which we have pursued and our ability to supply 3CR12 tube and pipe is continuing to grow rapidly.

Tubecon also offers a cut-to-size service for conveyor roller tubs as well as our other products which allows our clients to drastically reduce their own production times and decrease the amount of waste generated in their manufacturing process. Our friendly sales team will gladly provide more information regarding our conveyor tubes and the above mentioned possibilities.

Tubecon is accredited to manufacture the following Conveyor idler tubes:

Size: Wall Thickness: Length:
101.6 3.50 7.32
127.0 3.80 7.32
127.0 4.50 7.32
152.4 4.00 7.32

All conveyor tubes manufactured by Tubecon are according to SANS 657-3:2005 specifications.